7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Sweden: 2023

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Sweden is a great place to live thanks to its friendly residents, first-rate public services, and corporate culture that supports a healthy work-life balance. It comes as no surprise that a lot of individuals choose to live in Scandinavia’s largest nation, Sweden, to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Why Live or Retire in Sweden?

Check out the best of what Sweden has to offer:

High quality of Life

Sweden performs well across a range of well-being indicators, as seen by the fact that it tops most other nations on the Better Life Index. Everywhere you go in Sweden, there will be a central heating system and high-speed broadband internet. You will observe that all buildings have safety measures in place.

Public transportation

Do not worry if you do not have a car. The public transportation in Sweden is among the best in all of Europe. Trains and buses will still be operating at midnight. With your transport card, you can commute as much as you like.

Protected human rights

Whether you are a student, an immigrant, or a worker in Sweden makes no difference. The government will stand up for you if someone is breaching your rights. There is relatively little possibility of encountering discrimination based on social class, race, gender, or religion.

Social welfare system

The finest social welfare in the world is found in Sweden, which has a well-advanced healthcare system and free public education. The greatest universities in the world offer free education. In terms of its GDP, Sweden spends the most on social assistance when compared to other developed nations.

Everyone understands English

Living in Sweden has several benefits, one of which is that you won’t feel alone because everyone speaks and understands English. Sweden is a relatively welcoming nation for outsiders when compared to other European nations like Germany, France, and Italy.

 Natural beauty

97 percent of Sweden is uninhabited, did you know that? So much of Sweden’s natural environment has to be preserved. Ten percent of Sweden’s land area comprises nature reserves and national parks. Sweden is among the least polluted nations in the world, according to various studies.

Architecture style

Sweden has a lot of beautiful buildings. Buildings all around the nation showcase stunning Scandinavian architecture. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, the coexistence of ancient and new buildings in Stockholm, and the Västra Hamnen in Malmö all serve as examples of Swedish architecture.

Start new business

The Swedish Public Employment Service will assist you in obtaining finance. It will subsequently subsidize your employment by paying you a regular eight-hour salary each day if you want to launch a new business in Sweden. It truly is fantastic!

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Swedish people, on the whole, are happier with their living conditions than the OECD average of 6.5. On a scale ranging from 0 to 10, Swedes were awarded a grade of 7.3 when asked to evaluate their general level of life satisfaction.

Sweden is a terrific place for certain people, but not so good for others, just like any other nation. It always depends on your attitude and capacity for cultural acculturation.

Best Places to Retire and Live in Sweden

Here is a list of the best places where you can go ahead and retire in Sweden. 

1. Stockholm: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


When in doubt, the 1.5 million-person capital city on the country’s east coast is an excellent destination for an ex-pat to settle down and begin a new life. Stockholm is a multicultural city where the vast majority of people are from outside of Sweden. The city offers all the entertainment, arts, and culture one would anticipate from a big city, and it has a top-notch public transportation system to get you around. Stockholm boasts a lot of parks both inside the city and around it, making it one of the greenest cities in the world. Stockholm is home to several significant IT businesses and is quickly developing into the “Silicon Valley of Europe” due to its welcoming business environment and highly educated workforce.

The average rent in Stockholm is $1,600 per month, which is comparable to the rent in Chicago. Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Stockholm’s average monthly after-tax earnings are $3,500, which is significantly less than the $5,200 average for Chicago.

  • Places to Eat: Ekstedt,  Frantzén, Oaxen Krog & Slip, Meatballs For The People, Punk Royale
  • Places to Visit: Vasa Museum, Stockholm Old Town, Stockholm City Hall, ABBA The Museum, Kungliga Djurgården

2. Gothenburg: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


Gothenburg, which has 600K citizens and is located on the west coast, is a varied city where most people have immigrant backgrounds. With the biggest port in Scandinavia, the city serves as a significant hub for the transit of products. It has a long history of employing blue-collar workers, with Volvo being the major employer, but the white-collar sectors of technology and finance are still expanding. Stockholm-like leisure, culture, and artistic lifestyles are also available in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg’s rental costs ($1100) are less expensive than Chicago’s ($1600). Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Gothenburg’s average monthly after-tax pay is $3,300, which is considerably less than the $5,200 average in Chicago and just a little less than the salaries in Stockholm.

  • Places to Eat: Familjen, The Market Hall, Lindholmen Street Food Market, Järntorget, Teatergatan
  • Places to Visit: Southern Gothenburg Archipelago, Liseberg, Botanical Garden, Volvo Museum, Haga

3. Malmo: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


The third-largest city in Sweden, Malmo is situated on the country’s southwest coast and has 316K inhabitants. Although the city’s shipping sector has drastically declined over the past 50 years, it still serves as a vital transportation hub for the 10-mile bridge/tunnel that connects it to Copenhagen, Norway.

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Most people in Malmo are under 35 years old, making the city’s population skew younger. Undoubtedly, there is a hipster scene. Although the city still has many blue-collar professions in the transportation and construction sectors, the tech sector is expanding. In the city, an estimated 7 new businesses are founded each day.

Malmo is also well-known for housing the IKEA corporate headquarters. Similar to Stockholm and Gothenburg, Malmo offers a leisure, cultural, and art lifestyle.

Malmo’s ($900) rent is less expensive than Chicago’s ($1600) per month. Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Malmo’s average monthly after-tax wages are $2,700, far less than the $5,200 average in Chicago.

  • Places to Eat: Little Square, Stippes, Möllevång Square, Jalla Jalla, Malmö Market Hall
  • Places to Visit: Malmö Castle, Teknikens och Sjöfartens Hus, Lilla Torg, Stortorget, Slottsträdgården

4. Uppsala: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


Uppsala, with a population of 160K, is only 45 miles north of Stockholm. Uppsala is the site of the oldest college in Scandinavia, Uppsala University, which was established in 1477 and serves as the seat of the Church of Sweden. The church, college, and museums are located in the city’s historic district, which is on its western side. The city’s more up-to-date residential and commercial district is on the east side.

Many locals commute by 40-minute train travel to Stockholm, a city that is a pioneer in biotech.

Compared to Chicago ($1600), Uppsala ($900) offers more reasonable rent. Why so many Uppsala residents are willing to take the train into the capital is understandable given that rental prices are half those in Stockholm. Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Uppsala’s average monthly after-tax earnings are $3,000, a significant decrease from Chicago’s average of $5,200.

  • Places to Eat: Heart & Bones, Golden China, Stationen, Crêperie Lemoni, Skarholmen Restaurang
  • Places to Visit: Uppsala Domkyrka, Gamla Uppsala, Museum Gustavianum, Botanical Gardens, Linnaeus Garden

5. Vasteras: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


Vasteras, with a population of 128K, is located around 60 miles west of Stockholm. It is near Sweden’s geographic center and, via Lake Malaran, is connected to the Baltic Sea. It was once a Viking settlement, making it one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Ancient wells, Viking burial sites, and an old church may all be found in the town’s historic district.

Vasteras is predominantly an industrial city with businesses that make components for lithium-ion batteries and high-voltage power systems. Additionally, the city manufactures nuclear fuel and related components for nuclear power plants. Vasteras is home to Sweden’s largest combined heat and power facility.

Compared to Chicago ($1600), Vasteras ($1100) offers more reasonable rent. Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Vasteras’ average monthly after-tax earnings are $3,500, which is comparable to Stockholm’s incomes but far less than the $5,200 average for Chicago.

  • Places to Eat: Limone Ristorante Italiano, Agrill, Djaknebergets Restaurang AB, Spicy Hot Vasteras
  • Places to Visit: Anundshög, Västerås Cathedral, Vallby Open Air Museum, Kungsbyn Animal Park, Kokpunkten Actionbad
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6. Orebro: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


The city of Orebro, which has 120K residents, is situated in the geographic center of Sweden, about 60 miles farther west of Vasteras, and it has a connection to the Baltic Sea via Hjälmaren Lake and the Spartan River. Due to its strategic location, the city has become a hub for cargo, transportation, and equipment maintenance businesses.

Top companies in real estate, cattle processing, truck parts, finance, fashion, and other industries are found in Orebro. Because it is home to some of the top robotics companies in the world, Orebro is frequently referred to as “Robot Valley.”

The cost of rent in Orebro ($675) is less expensive than that in Chicago ($1600). Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Orebro’s average monthly after-tax wages are $3,100, which is comparable to Uppsala incomes but far less than the $5,200 average in Chicago. In Orebro, the income-to-rent ratio is only 21%.

  • Places to Eat: Egastonomi, Ströms Catering, Restaurang MULL, Matbaren GRO, Gamla Örebro
  • Places to Visit: Wadköping Open Air Museum, Stadsparken, Orebro Castle, Lost City – Gustavsvik, Karlslund Manor House

7. Linkoping: Best Place to Retire and Live in Sweden


With 111K inhabitants, Linkoping is 125 miles southwest of Stockholm and in the middle of Sweden. The renowned Domkyrka Church of Sweden cathedral is located near Linkoping. Saab airplanes, software firms, medical technology firms, Motorola, Ericsson, and Toyota are some of the region’s largest employers. Similar to Stockholm, the city offers a lifestyle focused on arts, culture, and recreation.

Rentals in Linkoping ($625) are the cheapest on our list and far more reasonable than rents in Chicago ($1600). Average prices for groceries, utilities, and other necessities are comparable to those in Chicago. Linkoping’s average monthly after-tax pay is $3,100, which is lower than the $5,200 average in Chicago but on par with Uppsala and Orebro. 

  • Places to Eat: Yogi, Stangs Magasin, De Klomp, Overste Morner, Aioli Tapasbar.
  • Places to Visit: The Swedish Air Force Museum, Gamla Linkoping, Linkoping Cathedral, Linkopings stadsbibliotek, Soderkoping


Sweden is among the world’s most desirable destinations for people who want to retire and settle in a great country.  For retirees, it provides a fantastic quality of life with stunning landscapes and charming, walkable cities to explore. The nation’s East and West Coast archipelagoes, well-known smoked herring and traditional meatballs, as well as huge, undeveloped forests, have something to offer just about any retiree.

Along with its stunning landscapes and coastlines, Sweden is renowned for its youthful and active seniors. It is typically highly safe, has top-notch healthcare, and is reasonably priced for people on fixed incomes. Stay tuned for more posts on the best places to retire and live.