7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Ecuador: 2023

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Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it’s attracting more retirees than ever before. It’s not just its natural beauty that draws people to this country; there are also many cultural and historical attractions, as well as friendly people who will welcome you with open arms. If you’re ready to make a move, here are the seven best places where you can retire and live out your golden years:

Why Retire in Ecuador?

  • The cost of living is low. The cost of living in Ecuador is lower than in most other countries, making it an attractive option for retirees.
  • Good climate. One of the best parts about living in Ecuador is its climate! Although you may get some rain during your stay, you can still enjoy year-round temperatures that range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) to below freezing at night during winter months.
  • Beautiful scenery and friendly people. Ecuador has a lot going on besides beautiful landscapes and friendly people—it’s also home to one of the largest biodiversity hotspots on earth! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore these natural wonders while enjoying your retirement years there!

7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Ecuador

Take a look at the best places to retire and live in Ecuador.

1. Cuenca


Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s known for its mild climate, which makes it a great place to retire if you want to avoid the heat of Quito or other more mountainous areas.

Why Retire in Cuenca?

A great variety of housing and lifestyle options are available in Cuenca and the neighboring surroundings. The only thing retired people need to do is pick the environment and lifestyle they want, then go out and get it. There are also a lot of affordable options.

2. Cotacachi


Cotacachi is located in the west-central part of Ecuador, about a four-hour drive from Quito. The town has a population of about 21,000 people and serves as the gateway to Lago Agrio National Park.

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Why Retire in Cotacachi?

Cotacachi has a mild climate with temperatures ranging from 31°F to 74°F year round. The town’s economy is primarily agricultural: it produces bananas, coffee beans, and rice; however, there are many other industries that rely on these crops as well, such as lumber production (wood products)

3. Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez is a port town in Ecuador. It’s a popular destination for tourists, and it has a vibrant nightlife that attracts ex-pats. The city also boasts many restaurants and bars, as well as opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

Why Retire in Puerto Lopez?

If you’re looking for retirement in Ecuador but don’t want to live near the beach or on an island, this might be your best option: Puerto Lopez is located at sea level (about 2,000 feet) on landlocked Lake Tamarindo—and its proximity to nearby beaches means that you’ll still have easy access to both water sports like boating and fishing!

4. Mompiche


Mompiche is a small town that is best known for its beautiful beaches. It’s also a great place to live and retire, which makes it an ideal place for those who want to practice yoga or learn Spanish.

Why Retire in Mompiche?

The town itself has a history dating back thousands of years when indigenous people settled the area around Mompiche Bay. Today, visitors can still visit the ruins of Tumbatu-Llacta (meaning “the white house”), which was built by the Kichwa tribe during colonial times as part of their daily life in this region.

5. Quilotoa


Quilotoa is a small tourist town on the coast of Ecuador. It’s a very popular destination for backpackers and adventure travelers who like to hang out on the beach, go hiking or explore places that are less traveled.

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Why Retire in Quilotoa?

Quilotoa is also an excellent place to retire if you want to get away from city life and enjoy nature at its finest. The beaches here are gorgeous—they’re white sand waves with clear water that makes it easy for anyone who’s never been there before (like me) to imagine how much fun it’d be if they were here right now!

What I really love about Quilotoa, though, is just how relaxed everyone feels here; no matter what kind of vacation you’re taking advantage of, there’ll always be some kind person ready with an answer when asked any questions about their favorite spots nearby.”

6. Mindo


Mindo is located in the Pichincha Province, which is one of the most mountainous regions in Ecuador. It has a population of about 10,000 people, and its tropical climate makes it an ideal place to retire. The area is also home to many nature trails and waterfalls.

Why Retire in Mindo?

Mindo has many amenities that make it attractive as a retirement destination:

  • It’s close enough to Quito, so you can commute easily if you want or need more urban activities like shopping or dining out, but at the same time far enough away from everything else that it feels remote and quiet when needed (which makes for good sleeping).
  • There are plenty of activities nearby, so there’s always something new happening somewhere near your home base – whether it be hiking trails through forests or exploring caves deep under mountainsides; boating down rivers with friends after work hours are over; horseback riding along paths through pine trees covered by snow during winter months…the list goes on!

7. Salango


Salango is a small town in the Andes, about four hours from Quito. It’s known for its pristine natural environment and friendly people who are happy to share their knowledge about the area with visitors. The town has a population of about 300 people, most of whom work as farmers or ranchers.

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Why Retire in Salango?

You’ll have access to many outdoor activities that you can enjoy when you retire here: hiking through the mountains or exploring one of Ecuador’s many lakes; boating on one of these bodies of water; horseback riding (which you’ll find is quite popular among local residents); fishing—the list goes on!

Conclusion: Ecuador has good places where you can retire

Ecuador has the 7 best places where you can retire. Cuenca is the best place to retire as it is a safe city with a low cost of living.

Cuenca is located in the central Andes Mountains of Ecuador and borders Colombia to its south, with about 563 square miles (1,420 square kilometers) as its territory. The city has many beautiful nature reserves, such as Monteviejo National Park and El Valle de Guayas River Valley Reserve, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America due to its natural beauty and diversity.

The cost of living here is very low compared with other areas around the world, so if you want to live comfortably on your retirement funds, then this might be one option for you! It also has an excellent infrastructure, including highways connecting it directly into Quito through two roads: Transversal Norte-Sur, which runs parallel across Colombia until reaching Santa Rosa de Cabana; while Transversal Sur links up with Interamericana Sur at Puyo town before heading towards Lima via Yauyos City – Lima!!

These are just some of the places that we think are best for you to retire. There are many more options in Ecuador, including places with better weather and nicer surroundings. So what are you waiting for? Go out and experience this beautiful country!