The Best Beaches to Retire and Live in India: 2023

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If people knew the joys of living near the beachside, they would retire sooner. India and its rich coastline have some of the best beaches in the world, and foreigners are known to flock and settle here at specific times of the year.

For pensioners, the best beachside places should have a wholesome lifestyle, greenery, good quality of food and hygiene, proper healthcare, infrastructure and adequate transport facilities. Check out some of the best beaches to retire in India:

Best Beaches to Retire in India

Here are some of the best beaches in India where you can retire and live. Might open a small business as well.

1. Palolem, South Goa: Best Beach to Retire in Goa, India

The seawater in Palolem is pristine and much cleaner than in the rest of Goa. Furthermore, lovely sunsets, white sand, dolphin spotting, sipping coffee at quaint cafes, hanging out at fantastic breakfast and brunch places, getting an ayurvedic massage, taking yoga and cooking classes are a few things that will keep you engaged and relaxed.

  • Cost of Living: Living costs depend on where you stay, for example, in South Goa a 2BHK will cost you anywhere between 12k to 25k.
  • Healthcare: Top hospitals in South Goa include Apollo Victor Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Shetty Eye Hospital, Community Health Centre and more.
  • Transport: Bus and taxis are standard modes of transportation, but a large number of people prefer owning private vehicles. However, you can also rent a car for long journeys.
  • Attractions: Monkey Island, Dudhsagar Falls, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa Jungle Adventure and more.
  • Retirement Communities: For a luxurious living check out spacious apartments at Palolem Hills.

2. Dona Paula, North Goa: Best Beach to Retire in North Goa, India

Popularly called the Lover’s Paradise in North Goa, Dona Paula is 7 kilometres away from Panjim and is widely known for its beach shacks, water sports, nightlife, bird sanctuary and cosy restaurants. Therefore, retirees consider this gem of a place the most habitable. Moreover, the shore of Dona Paula has shopping stalls which offer books, clothes, souvenirs, artefacts, trinkets and lots of other goodies. Pensioners have adequate options in terms of stay and healthcare facilities. Besides being one of the hottest vacation spots in Goa, Dona Paula offers a multitude of adventure and recreation, making it one of the best beaches to retire in India.

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  • Cost of Living: Even though, fully furnished apartments can cost from 12k to 25k near the beach, yet, living can be as expensive as your daily expenditure depending on the luxuries you want.
  • Healthcare: Manipal chain of Hospitals are considered the best in the vicinity. Lots of government clinics and alternative medicines are also available.
  • Transport: You can reach Dona Paula from the airport and other towns via taxi. Lots of people from neighbouring cities prefer taking road trips to Goa.
  • Attractions:
  • Retirement Communities: Living Graciously, is a known retirement property for senior citizens both in North and South Goa. Other retirement homes are also available in nearby towns.

3. Kochi: Best Historic Beach in India

Steeped in history and culture, Kochi is a colourful combination of old-world charm and cosmopolitanism thanks to its history as a port city. It is abundant in natural covers and is close to the most beautiful beaches frequented by locals and tourists. Since Kochi is an industrial hub, it has recently seen a lot of incoming from other parts of India. In conclusion, most of the places to live in this city are quite convenient for the elderly.

  • Cost of Living: Quality of life depends on the individual’s budget, for example, a semi-furnished 2BK can cost you from 12 to 18k. Cost of utilities depends on the area.
  • Healthcare: Resourceful healthcare facilities are available. Some of them include Lakeshore Hospital & Research Center, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Medical Trust Hospital.
  • Transport: Buses and taxis are standard in the city and are well-connected via road, rail and air.
  • Attractions: History buffs will love watching the Chinese fishing nets, Mantacherry Palace and Fort Kochi.
  • Retirement Communities: Two most well-established communities are Graceland and Bless Homes for now. Also, more communities are coming up in the city

4. Pondicherry: Best Affordable Beach to Retire and Live in India

Similar to Kochi, Pondicherry was a centre for port trades with the French, British, Portuguese and Dutch colonies. Hence, this quaint city is close to four main beaches where you can unwind. Elderlies can take a yoga class at Promenade beach, enjoy some backwater boating in Paradise beach, go surfing in Auroville beach and sunbathe at Serenity beach. As a result, over the years, Pondicherry has seen an increasing influx of pensioners retiring here for tranquil and convenient beach life.

  • Cost of Living: Affordable accommodation is available for all classes. A rented 2BHK can cost from 8k to 25k.
  • Healthcare: Decent medical infrastructures are available, but people frequently travel to Chennai for advanced treatments. East Coast Hospital, New Medical Centre are among the few good ones available.
  • Transport: The city is accessible through road, rail, sea and airways.
  • Attractions: White Town Promenade, Matrimandir at Auroville, Chunnambar Boat House, the ancient settlement of Arikamedu.
  • Retirement communities: Availability of well-known communities like Villefranche, Aishwaryam, Covai, and Serene Pelican make Pondicherry one of the best beaches to retire in India.
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5. Arambol, North Goa: Best Beach Village to Live and Retire in India

Arambol is a fisherman village in North Goa which is quieter than its other Northern counterparts. Giving off the bohemian vibes, a day in Arambol consists of yoga classes, meditations, therapies, beach shacks and seafood. The beach comes alive during the on-season with tourists flowing on the coasts, and this is a thrilling time for local businesses. Thus, for retirees who want to live a lazy, relaxed life and yet experience the occasional nightlife, towns or communities near Arambol would be the best option.

  • Cost of Living: A semi-furnished apartment can cost around 15k to 25k depending on the local area and amenities available.
  • Healthcare: Manipal Hospitals in North Goa are commonly visited medical facilities.
  • Transport: The city is well-connected by road. You can rent a scooter or private vehicle to travel in the area, along with buses and taxis, which are also are available from the airport.
  • Attractions: Tourists often visit Paliem Sweet Water Lake, Arambol Mountain, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Shirr Purchevo Ravalnatha Temple and Open Books Library. Among things to explore would be Ayurvedic massages, Brahma Yoga, day surfing and more.
  • Retirement Communities: Living Graciously in North Goa is a well-known Retirement Community but is a bit far from the beach. You can opt for other accommodations in nearby towns.

6. Alappuzha, Kerala: Best Beach to Live and Retire in Kerala, India

One of the cleanest beaches, Alapuzzha, reminds us of our relationship with nature seen within rustic houseboats, slithering backwaters and vast paddy fields of Kerala. Addressed as the ‘Venice of the East by Lord Curzon during the British Era, it is one of the oldest planned rural towns. Therefore, retirees who want a more secluded life away from the daily wear and tear of urban cities will appreciate its historic atmosphere, quiet living and pristine beaches.

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  • Cost of Living: Accommodation costs will depend on your need and budget. Hence a 2BHK can cost you from 6k to 12k in suitable localities.
  • Healthcare: A lot of Ayurvedic centres and public health facilities are available instead of private healthcare facilities. Due to this, people often prefer to travel to Kochi for advanced medical infrastructures.
  • Transport: Public buses and taxis are available to move within Alappuzha. The city connects via road and rail to parts of Kerala. Also, Kochi airport is the nearest to this city.
  • Attractions: Marari and Alapuzzah beach, Houseboating at the backwaters, Vembanad Lake, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Krishnapuram Palace, St. Andrew’s Basicila and Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple.
  • Retirement communities:

7. Kovalam, Kerala: Best Tourist Beach to Live and Retire in India

A favourite haunt for tourists, Kovalam has three adjacent crescent beaches with plenty of leisure options available. Quality of life is vibrant and teeming, with diverse activities and businesses run by the village locals. Thiruvananthapuram is the closest city which is perfect for elderlies who want to retire in India and enjoy benefits on the nearby beaches and the convenience of a town. People often travel to Kovalam on the weekend to get away from the daily grind of the urban city.

  • Cost of Living: You can either rent or buy an apartment in Thiruvananthapuram. Affordability will depend on the locality and utilities provided. A rented 2BHK is around 10k to 30k. A weekend getaway at the beach will cause a slight increase in the overall cost of living, especially during tourists season.
  • Healthcare: Dependable medical infrastructures are available for the elderlies, among which Ananthapuri Hospitals & Research Institute, Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research Centre, KIMS Hospital, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences and Cosmopolitan Hospital are considered the best.
  • Transport: Accessible via Thiruvananthapuram as it has both the railway and an international airport.
  • Attractions: Vellayani Lake, Lighthouse beach, Halcyon Castle, Artificial Offshore Coral Reef, Kovalam Houseboat and more.
  • Retirement communities: Green Royale Retirement Living and Alive LifeSpaces are among a few popular choices.

Retiring beachside is a sure-fire way to provide a boost to your health with relaxation and fun times. Due to heavy western influence, India’s southern coastal cities have gained rampant tourism and yet, continue to maintain their old-world charm and cultural allure. So plan and retire to one of the above beaches in India to achieve a wholesome living experience.