7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Japan: 2023

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Japan is known for its culture, food, and history. However, it’s also known for having some of the best retirement locations in the world. With so much to see and do in this beautiful country, there are plenty of places that make it a great place to retire.

Why retire in Japan?

The citizens of Japan are generally very respectful, friendly, and helpful to older people. Even when you’re alone or with your spouse or family members, they will respect your privacy by not asking you questions that might seem inappropriate for a stranger. They also understand that it can be hard for older adults to travel sometimes and will allow for some space between them and the elderly person so that no one feels pushed into an emotional situation which could lead to unnecessary stress or anger outbursts on both sides (which would be bad).

Japan is rich! Some Japanese people have been known to say, “money makes the world go round,” but most wouldn’t admit it openly because then they’d lose their jobs! It’s true, though; money does make life easier here because there aren’t many costs involved other than rent/mortgage payments which are very affordable compared with other countries where prices tend toward higher levels due partly due inflationary factors like high-interest rates charged by banks stemming from international crises like those experienced during 2008-2010 timeframe among others causes high demand.

7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Japan

1. Sapporo


Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, home to a population of 1.9 million and many winter sports activities. It’s also a good place to retire because it’s cold in winter, and there are many opportunities for winter sports activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and other outdoor activities. 

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Why retire in Sapporo? 

Furthermore, Sapporo boasts some beautiful parks that you can visit during your free time, as well as several hot springs resorts nearby where you can relax after spending all day outdoors!

2. Kyoto


Kyoto is a city with a long history and culture, with many interesting places to visit. It’s also known as one of the oldest cities in Japan, and it has some great sights, like the famous temples and shrines that have been built over time. There are four distinct seasons here, so you can enjoy them all year round!

Why retire in Kyoto? 

Kyoto is also known for its temperate climate with four distinct seasons: winter (December-February), spring (March-May), summer (June-August), and fall (September-November). This means that you need not worry about harsh winters or scorching summers in your retirement home!

3. Fukuoka


Fukuoka is a city in the south of Japan. It’s situated on the east coast and is home to more than 1 million people. 

Fukuoka Prefecture was created in 1871. Since then, it has become one of Japan’s most important cities, with major commercial, industrial and educational centers throughout its area.

Why retire in Fukuoka? 

Fukuoka’s cityscape is unique thanks to its flat topography that makes it easy to walk around town or explore on foot. The city’s main attractions include:

  • an impressive castle (Nishi Hongwanji Temple) built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1586;
  • many beautiful temples, such as Daibutsu-den at Tōjin Temple;
  • art galleries like Gion Museum that showcase traditional arts such as calligraphy;
  • museums like Folklore Museum, which houses artifacts from local villages where people still live off farming or fishing today. 

4. Okinawa


If you want to live in a tropical climate, Okinawa is the place for you. The island is very safe and friendly, with low costs of living that make it an attractive option for retirees. It has many beaches and beautiful sights to see, making it easy to get around on public transport or walk around if needed.

Why retire in Okinawa?

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Okinawa is a popular retirement destination in Japan. It has a subtropical climate and is known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. The cost of living in Okinawa is also lower than in other parts of Japan, which means you can save money while still enjoying your time there.

5. Tokyo:


Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and also one of the safest cities to live in. It has a lot to offer, including:

A large number of museums – The National Museum of Modern Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum are just two examples.

An abundance of parks – Roppongi Hills, Daiba Park, Ueno Koen Park, and others are all within easy reach from downtown Tokyo.

Why retire in Tokyo? 

Plenty of shopping districts with great restaurants – Harajuku is home to many fun boutiques and shops, while Shinjuku has everything you need for everyday living as well as nightlife options like Yumeji Market or Ebisu Market Place, where you can find clothing brands like Zara or Uniqlo! There’s even an entire area devoted solely towards electronics stores called Akihabara Electric Town, which includes areas like Electric Town North Gate Station where you can shop all day long without ever leaving your car!

6. Yokohama:


Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan and has a population of 3.7 million people. It’s also home to a large international community, with many ex-pats living there because of the port and Chinatown.

If you’re looking for retirement in Japan, why not move to Yokohama?

Yokohama is a city with a lot of history, located in the Kanagawa Prefecture on Honshu Island. It has a great climate and is close to Tokyo but not too close. The city has expanded dramatically over time and now has about 1 million residents who enjoy riding motorcycles along its famous “Literati Route” or shopping at one of its many department stores, such as Isetan Mitsukoshi or Mitsukoshi Shimbunsha.

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7. Osaka:


Osaka is the second most populous city in Japan, with a population of over 13 million people. It has one of the largest port facilities in all of Asia, making it an important industrial center. Osaka has long been known as a foodie destination, but its reputation extends far beyond that: it’s also famous for its music scene and nightlife options (including bars like Bar Kai), along with many other attractions.

Why retire in Osaka? 

Osaka has many temples and shrines that are worth visiting if you’re looking to take advantage of some spiritual reflection time during your retirement years. The city’s ex-pat community numbers in the hundreds of thousands—and they all have their favorite places where they hang out on weeknights when they aren’t at work or school!


There is a lot of culture and history in Japan, and the food is great. The weather is nice most of the year, so it’s easy to get out in nature when you want to do so. People are friendly, and there are many places to visit or things to do when you’re not at home enjoying your retirement time!

Japan is a beautiful country with some of the most amazing landscapes in the world. It also offers retirees a lot of options to live their retirement years. There are many places to retire and live in Japan, some more expensive than others but you still will get a good quality of life because there are many other things that you can do besides just looking at nature.